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DUB INC - Tout ce qu'ils veulent (Album "Hors controle")

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manon mm : Zic parfaite pr le contexte 2020
Wizor Gaming : Moi
tamian vanessa : yes i
Willy Leborgne : Come on Sainté !
Assia Elkrerarfi : ?❤️ la base
xll_demon_llx : Danakil ou dub inc aucun des deux c est les best du reggae
BROK : BIG UP !!!!
REZIZ1302_art : Toujours présent dans notre coeur 8 ans après.
big up à vous et prenez soins de vous.
lego construct : C vous les meilleurs ???

Why Should I Incorporate - The Company Corporation

Alexander Arnold : "Incorporation" is probably related to "The Marine Corps", and other "Corps" andor "Cores" (not the same, but possibly "functionally so").
Mohamed Mohamed : Cleary explained and understandable, thanks.
Eugene Asiedu Junior : Very useful

What is incorporation of the Bill of Rights?

This video introduces "incorporation of the Bill of Rights against the States". The Supreme Court has interpreted many of the rights in the Bill of RIghts to apply to the States.
-][][- : Doesn’t shield shit. Only in times of peace is the facade strictly respected. In times of war or economic catastrophe (natural or artificial) all bets are off.
USA has comprehensively violated its constitution and bill of rights in several occasions. The history of the infamous Lincoln is perfect proof of this.
kalen sousa : ohhhh now I understand! thank you
Descomplicando o Inglês Jurídico : Amazing, as always!
Sabrina Coppola : Great video!
Sara Rhiannon : this helped me better understand the incorporation debate for one of my law classes. thank you
A.D.D. News with Action Jackson! : interesting! Great job on getting the info into a short video.




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