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'47 International KB12 part 2

This was shot in 1997 in Jerome,AZ with Don Robertson at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town.

'47 International KB12 part 1

This was shot 13 years ago in Jerome,AZ with Don Robertson\r
at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town.

Hartke KB12 Kickback 1x12" Bass Combo Demo with Victor Wooten

Bass Virtuoso Victor Wooten presents the Hartke KB12 Kickback bass combo. Hearing your tone as the audience hears it is critical to live performance. The Hartke Kickback bass combo rocks back 45 degrees to deliver sound right up to your ears for accurate midrange and high-end feedback to inform your playing. The Kickback is a powerful stage amp in a compact size with a 12" HyDrive paper/aluminum speaker and 500 watts of power.

Get the Hartke KB12 Kickback bass combo here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KB12




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